Travelling abroad can be relaxing and enjoyable, but it can also pose some risk in the form of unintended sickness or injury.

Furthermore, the challenges of navigating out-of-country medical care, managing expenses and filing complex insurance claims upon your return can compound the stress of travel-related accidents.
If you or someone you know became sick or injured while on holiday, there may be a strong case for compensation.

Common Travel Incidents

Common examples of travel-related illnesses and injuries include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

    The combination of unfamiliar roads and rental cars as well as foreign traffic laws are a leading cause of collisions while holidaying abroad. Tour bus accidents can also be a cause of injury while travelling.

  • Slips, Trips and Falls

    These types of accidents can happen anytime but are particularly troublesome when they occur on holiday or as the result of third-party negligence while travelling abroad (e.g. negligence on the part of your hotel, accommodation, tour company, etc.).

  • Food Poisoning, Allergy or Water-Borne Illness

    Food and beverage are among the best ways to experience a new culture, but they can also cause serious illness if what you’re ingesting is contaminated or allergenic.

  • Adventure and Sports Injuries

    From skiing and snowboarding to hiking and diving, it is common to try new experiences while on holiday. Unfortunately, thrill-seeking adventures and sports are also a leading cause of travel-related injuries.

From medical bills and transportation expenses to lost wages upon your return, there are several unforeseen costs that can arise from a travel-related incident. Regardless of how you got sick or hurt while abroad, you may have a legitimate case for compensation. Contact us for an assessment and to understand your legal options.

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